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Supporting captive insurance firms in Vermont for over 20 years.
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Vermont is home to the world’s largest Captive Insurance Trade Association, and has a Gold Standard reputation for quality regulation. Rose Computer Technology Services has been supporting Vermont captive insurance firms for over 20 years.

Currently supporting one of the world’s largest and fastest growing captive firms worldwide, we support two of the 25 firms active on the Vermont Approved Captive Insurance firm list.

By working with Rose Computer, we’ll help make your interactions with auditors easier and present you with state of the art knowledge and programs around cyber security.

Important Considerations for Captive Insurance Firms:

Have you budgeted enough money for cyber security?

How do you determine the amount to budget for technology and cyber security?

Do you have a compliance officer, security officer, or CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)?

Do you have written policies for disaster recovery, business continuity, acceptable use, and security?

When was the last time you completed a risk assessment?

Let Us Help You Win New Clients

By engaging our services, you’ll not only ensure proper compliance, but you’ll also position yourself as an expert in security and technology processing. Let us help you utilize technology and security to win new clients for your practice!

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