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IT for Dental Practices is not just keeping your computers running.

We offer services to establish, maintain, and monitor HIPAA Compliance.

We work with your selected application vendor to assure your systems are up to date and run smoothly everyday so you can focus on your patients.

Our mandatory quarterly cyber security reviews assure you stay informed about changing technology and cyber risks with minimal effort and time.

The quarterly cyber security review meetings help you understand future requirements,
and budget accordingly.

By budgeting and planning with us you avoid surprises, unexpected spikes in spending, and costly downtime.

Our Service Platform Includes:

Unlimited Remote and Phone Technical Support

2 hour Critical Care response for emergency issues

Network Monitoring

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Managed Threat Response

Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment *

HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption

HIPAA Compliant Backup

Patch Management

Software Updates

Preventative Maintenance Checks

Documented Security Policies *

Cyber Security Insurance *

* Provided through our partner PCIHIPAA Office Safe

Schedule an initial call and receive a free HIPAA Risk Assessment.

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