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Tax Professionals are now being targeted by hackers.

It is vital that Tax Preparers take the right steps to protect their client’s data, have the right processes and procedures in place, and have things properly documented.

Rose Computers is an expert at deploying technology to enable the secure transfer of tax data to your clients while keeping the procedures and processes simple to operate.

Our team of trained professionals understands the importance of timely response when tax returns are involved, and has experience protecting and providing fast access to most tax preparation software products.

Our state of the art backup and data protection services assure you do not have to worry about lost data or restoring data in a timely manner. We have your back.

As certified tax professionals, you understand the requirement to have a documented data security plan in place for your organization to keep your data safe and secure.

At Rose Computers, we are experts in writing and maintaining your data security plan so you can save time and mitigate risk.

Key Considerations for Tax Professionals and CPAs

Do you have an Incident Response Plan?

How would it affect your business if you experienced a data breach or got hacked?

Take the first step to ensuring your firm has the proper data protection. Schedule your initial call today!

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