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Did you know organizations with 501-3C status benefit from many charitable tech programs? Let us help you understand and navigate the programs and resources available to your organization! We understand that non-profit organizations may not be able to solve all their technology and cybersecurity needs in a single budget year, and that's ok! At Rose Computer, we will develop a five-year plan with you to assure you are properly protected with the least impact on your budget and expenses.
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Important Considerations for Non-Profits:

Do you have information technology and cybersecurity in your budget?

Have you budgeted enough money for cyber security?

Do you have a compliance officer, security officer, for CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)?

Do you have WRITTEN policies for disaster recovery, business continuity, acceptable use, and security?

When was the last time you completed a risk assessment?

Security & Compliance

Security and compliance are just as important for non-profit organizations as they are for commercial firms. A single breach could adversely affect your fundraising efforts, harming your relationships with existing and future donors.

We understand the budget process, and work with non-profit organizations to maximize the use of their budget to plan for much-needed investments in infrastructure over time.

At Rose Computer

We are proud to work with several large non-profit organizations in the Burlington area including:

Spectrum Youth & Family Services

The Committee on Temporary Shelter

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