Cyber Security Services

Cyber attacks are now a ‘when’ not an ‘if’. Will you be ready?

Protect your business with our security first approach

Partner with Rose Computer Technology Services to build cyber resilience and protect against cyber attacks. We have 25 years of experience keeping businesses safe, and are the only Vermont business to have received the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ certification. We are one of under 150 firms worldwide to have this certification.

Customized to fit any business

Take advantage of our full cyber security stack. We offer true scalability, customizing our services to meet your firm’s individual needs, staying within budget while assuring your cyber security stance follows industry best practices.

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

risk assessements

Understand your risk and risk tolerance. This is vital to designing the right protection and business continuity services for your firm.

Zero Trust framework implementation

We implement the CISA and FBI recommended Zero trust framework of Zero Trust. Least Privilege and rights elevation make your system easy to use while tightening security.

Secure Backup and Recovery

We assure your backups are immutable, monitored, and designed to meet your Recovery time and Recovery point objectives.

Phishing tests

We routinely test your employees and offer customized training to educate members of your team that are putting you are risk.

Incident Response Planning

Our proven incident response plans work to protect your firm and limit your risk.

Cyber Insurance Policy Readiness

Not only do we help you meet the requirements of underwriters, it is likely you will save significant money on your cyber policy because you are working with us.

Cyber Awareness Training

We offer on-going and customized training for your staff.

hipaa safe harbor

Compliance is great. Safe harbor is better. We call it protection beyond compliance. Ask us why.


We offer state of the art Security Operations Center teams and Security Information and Event Management offerings to our clients.

Why choose Rose Computers?

We have a proven track record of success, 25 years of experience, and are the only form in Vermont to achieve the Comptia Security Trustmark + certification. We are locally owned and small enough that you can call and meet with the owner, and larger enough to offer Enterprise-class Worldwide service. We give back to our community and are the only Vermont firm to win the Citizens Bank Community Champion award.

Risk Assessment is the First Step to a Safer Company

Before you begin planning for cyber security, it is vital that you start with a comprehensive risk assessment. Our first step will be to help you identify where your vulnerabilities lie and what data, technologies, and procedures need to be addressed.

Your Technology & Cyber Security Partner

Hire us for a Cyber Security Risk Assessment.

What you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive network, security, and performance review.
  • Report detailing current state for your current technology
  • List of items that need to be addressed immediately
  • Long-term plan for technology and security
  • Initial consultation is always free.

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