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Are you confident your company has the protections and procedures in place to survive a cyber attack?

That isn’t just a hypothetical question. There’s a very real chance that this could happen. According to Astra Security, a small business gets hacked EVERY 39 SECONDS.

That means that by the time you are finished reading this page, between 8 and 10 businesses will have been breached.

A cybersecurity attack can be devastating for a small business. According to the US National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of businesses that suffer an attack close their doors within six months following the event.

Most think, “I’m too small to be a target. Hackers only go after larger companies.”

Things have changed. No company is too small for a cyber attack. You are not too small for a cyber attack. You may just be too small for the public to take notice of your attack.

The question is, “What is your current cybersecurity risk level and what are you willing to do to protect your business?”

David Rose speaking in front of a white background for the Rose CTS welcome video.

about us

For more than 25 years, Rose Computer Technology Services has supported insurance firms, CPAs, Accountants, Medical and Dental Practices, as well as non-profit organizations to withstand and recover from cyber security attacks. We are backed by over 1,000 Network and Applications Engineers in our Network Operations Center, as well as our knowledgeable and professional help desk team.

We’ll partner with you to assess your company’s cybersecurity risk level, uncover vulnerabilities, and determine the most important next steps to protect your business from hackers.

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David Rose speaking in front of a white background for the Rose CTS welcome video.


We serve fast-growing firms and non-profits that want their computers, technology, and cyber resilience managed professionally. We manage all aspects of technology and cyber resilience including budgeting, design, procurement, deployment, and management.

Primary client groups include:

Insurance Firms

With over 20 years of experience supporting captive insurance firms, we’re here to make your interactions with auditors easier.

CPAs and Tax Accountants

We are experts at maintaining the secure transfer of sensitive tax data to your clients and meeting the legal requirement for a documented data security plan.

Medical and Dental Practices

Establish, maintain, and monitor HIPAA compliance while keeping your patient’s data safe.

Non Profits

Let us help you understand and navigate the programs and resources available to your organization, even on a limited budget.

What People Are Saying

“I have worked with Dave for over 3 years on various projects. Dave always puts his clients first and never takes a shortcut.

Dave continuously monitors his client’s accounts with the latest, and highest-quality security services. You can rest assured if you work with Dave your business will be well protected and you will receive the highest quality service.”

Shannon M.

“My small not-for-profit organization has been with Rose Computer for more than 6 years. I cannot imagine running my organization without them. They are reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable and save me a LOT of time when I have a technical issue. They also keep our software and security up-to-date so I don’t have to worry about it. I highly recommend them!”

Jill O.

“Rose Computers does a great job managing our growing portfolio of properties across New England. They can support my team remotely or on-site depending on the need.

They are responsive to our needs, implement solid technology, and are always great to deal with. Highly recommended.”

Stacy G, Summit Properties

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